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     RobotMonkeySoftware is a development house dedicated to connect technology, science and computers. We develop device drivers, software applications and  state of the art computer algorithms. Our specialties include hardware drivers,  embedded drivers for CE, Android and Linux. We also develop innovative computer algorithms, data conversion, medical software and connectivity solutions.

CryptoSticky is an easy to use computerized memo authoring and alarm application. It features a state of the art encryption, which became an indispensable feature for modern computing. CryptoSticky will help one organize notes, events and time and do it securely. CryptoSticky features customizable look, transparent user interface, seamless presence, spell checker, and user friendly alarm.

    CryptoSticky boasts a hierarchical tree of memo categories, memo sharing, and an easy hide/show feature for every memo. CryptoSticky can be used as network messaging system. Multiple users can share memos, and the memos appear automatically on all the computers.  CryptoSticky's spell checker comes with a huge dictionary, and 'string distance' based suggestion list. Try CryptoSticky for yourself for free.

  RobotMonkeySoftware has additional programming capacity. We are looking for the following types of request for proposition:  a.) Application Development b.) Device Driver Development, c). Medical software development d.) Programming in C, C++ 


   This new recognition algorithm excels  in achieving speaker independence, microphone independence and noise tolerance. In its current form it is suited for simple tasks like commanding a medical workstation, by issuing voice commands. A fighter pilot was probably dreaming of a voice interface like this. One of the outstanding features of the algorithm is 'push-ability'. When the user pronounces a word more distinctly, the algorithm responds with better recognition, as opposed to the traditional algorithms, which degrade when someone is enunciating harder (or 'pushing it').  The algorithm also uses less processing power than its predecessors. This opens up TRUE voice recognition for embedded platforms, smart phones, and appliances.

RobotMonkeySoftware now has available programming capacity for the following:

  •  Device Driver development for 2000/XP/Vista/W7
  • Application development / porting for Win32/64 Win CE
  • Embedded development and hardware development CE / ARM / PIC / SX
  • Code Translation to / from English / German / Spanish / Japanese on request.
  • DICOM development, image processing and archival, medical data services.

  As always, we are looking for exciting projects. We have the capacity and know-how to carry your idea to a fully blown multi-platform application.  Please feel free to contact us with your idea. Contact details can be found on the About page.


XrayNotes is an Image Annotation, Patient Management and Global Patient Information Sharing computer program, designed to run a medicine related business. It can handle any business size, be it a practice or a hospital. XrayNotes allows a quick and efficient annotation on any medical image, including DICOM compatible images. XrayNotes is Patient oriented, the focus of the program is HEALING.

Please email me at  peterglen99@gmail.com

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