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  Robot Monkey Software LLC is founded by Peter Glen, a software engineer with 15+ years of experience in software development. Currently, RMS is in the incubation stage, with expected major shift in status - with the product release of he Voice Recognition Algorithm codenamed 'WavFrag', and the product CryptoSticky, a memo keeping application. RobotMonkeySoftware is proud to list customers like: 


Current Service offerings:

   Software development with modern, robust, productive languages. Most of the development is done in C++, but all tools of the trade are used to achieve the objectives.

   We have a team of low level coders, that writes / ports device drivers, creates embedded software. And we have a team of application coders to match, that create killer application.

   Our subcontractors do the pretty work on the images, the web sites, and the public relations mateials. We also have software developer guided translators, to make the team complete for a full production run.

Current Product offerings:

  The recognition - in its current form - excels  in achieving speaker independence, microphone independence and noise tolerance. In its current form it is suited for simple tasks like commanding a medical workstation to show 'medications' screen by issuing a voice command, or receiving numbers by means of voice interaction.

 One of the outstanding features of the algorithm is 'push-ability'. When the user pronounces a word more distinctly, the algorithm responds with better recognition, as opposed to the traditional algorithms, which degrade when someone is enunciating harder (or 'pushing it').

 The algorithm also uses less processing power than its predecessors. This opens up voice recognition for embedded platforms, smart phones and the like. The current implementation uses 5-15% of a 2.0 GHz  AMD processor in bursts.


  CryptoSticky is an easy to use memo application, a computerized version of the yellow paper stickies. It is designed to help you  organize memos,  notes,  prompt you with reminders,  record voice, accept drawings, and keep memo information secret via encryption.


  XrayNotes will represent a major milestone in Medical Applications and Application integration. Gesture recognition, global patient information retrieval network, image annotation, MRI animation, DICOM compatibility, obfuscational security etc .... see us at

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