Robot Monkey Software Projects

XrayNotes is an image annotation program, designed to accommodate quick and efficient marking and annotation on any image. XrayNotes will allow local/remote interactive editing and annotating of images (and x-rays),  slideshows, and treatent plans.

CryptoSticky, the easy to use, computerized notes and memo authoring application. With customizable look and feel, transparent user interface, seamless presence, and user friendly alarm makes this program an excellent choice for memos. CryptoSticky stands out with a hierarchical tree of note categories, and an easy enable/disable feature for every note, thus allowing the re-use (and re-enable) of previously created notes.

Bluepoint Ecryption
BluePoint Encryption is a simple, secure, state of the art block encryption algorithm. It requires minimal processing power and has a low memory footprint. The BluePoint Encryption is available in source code format in the following languages: 'C', PHP, Perl, JavaScript,

This application was born out of the need for an easy to use visual backup program. It can be used to copy any source directory to any target directory. The TimeDim Copy Machine does incremental backups, it only copies files that are newer (modified later) than the target.

Programmer's editor. Many use this editor every day for their main work. BRIEF compatible keystrokes, binary clean editing, auto UNIX format recognition, recursive undo/redo .... almost everything you need to make you so productive to replace a whole team by yourself.

More to come ... We are actively working on new projects, please check back later ...

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