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WavFrag Voice Recognition, and Voice Command

  Welcome to the voice recognition demo. This is a sample (demo) program that uses the WavFrag DLL. The software shows the full functionality of the DLL, its recognition accuracy, and its ease of training. Be it training a new phrase, a new word, or a whole sentence, wavefrag is the simplest voice recognition engine to train.

"Tea. Earl Grey, Hot !"

.... and your replicator will do as you specify. We are not quite there yet, but your computer is now perfectly equipped to recognize that very command. You can try it out ... just start WaveFrag, and say  "Tea. Earl Grey, Hot !"
    It sounds like something out of Star Trek, but, it is reality now. You can download WavFrag for yourself and try it.

  All we need now is the hardware to make the tea on power up. Interestingly, all the parts and most of the technology to create the replicator do exist today. (Substituting the matter transporter with tea making equipment) So with the addition of WavFrag, the chain of technology is complete. Will anyone build it already? 

   On our test setup, we used a web cam, which was positioned six feet away. And we freely issued commands to it. The computer understood every command, and responded accurately. Recognition accuracy from a low cost, distantly placed camera, is a claim no other voice recognition program can claim.

       Later  we configured the command 'Show Current Weather'. It called up Firefox (can do IE) and placed it at the pre-configured bookmark, which was the weather web site, pointed to show weather within our zip code.  We started WavFrag, and said  'Show Current Weather'.

   The weather web site popped up, placed the map on screen ... to everyone's amazement. The map was a little bit towards the end of the page - so I said 'Page Down', and the map now was centered on screen.

   Wow! The future is here ....
Impress your friends ... show them your computer as they have never seen it before. With WavFrag.

Copyright by (C) 2009,   Peter Glen,  (C) 2010 RobotMonkeySoftware LLC.